Eucalyptus Oil Dosages

Eucalyptus Oil Dosages and Administration


When using eucalyptus oil, there are certain dosages that need to be administered. For internal uses, 0.3-0.6 grams per day of essential eucalyptus oil is sufficient enough for colds or other respiratory problems. A few drops can be put on a handkerchief and inhaled every once in a while. A small amount can also be put in the bath tub to relieve any colds or respiratory issues. While using it as essential oil, a few drops combined with another oil or lotion, are enough to give the skin a nice massage. Ointments should be rubbed on the area as needed. For tincture purposes, an aqueous-alcoholic preparation containing 5-10% oil is sufficient enough for use. If the individual wishes to inhale the oil, them a few drops added to hot water can be used. It can also be added to a vaporizer and the steam vapor can be inhaled.